Model stuf

Beside my HAM radio stuff I also fly model helicopters.
I own three electric helicopters two of them are 6ch collective pitch and the smallest Walkera CB100 is an fixed pitch 4ch helicopter.

450_2 450compleet_1gyro_1My favourite helicopter is my Align Trex model 450s equipped with an logitec LTG-2100T gyro.

Click this link to view my short Trex450s movie.


Beside helicopters I also have flown fixed wing model aircraft, my model was a war bird Corsair F4U also electric powered.
plane_2  paint_5

Click this link to view the F4U in sun set flight

Model N-gauge trains:
Model trains have also my interest, I’m still in the process of collecting points and tracks. However I have build a tiny scenery for Xmas.. a one track rail. Small mountain with a motion-sensor. This sensor trigger a Arduino micro controller setting the train motion in different way’s.

Click this link to view the 50cm by 50cm diorama.

Click this link to download the VLC player in order to view the movie’s

Arduino micro controllers:
Writing C++ software is fun to do, I own several Admega micro controllers. I have owned the Arduino uno v3 and have the Arduino Mega and several Arduino Nano’s in use.  The Uno’s are extremely handy while controlling my model  N-gauge trains. On the Arduino Mega I have written a program to control a track with four points and two stop signs, the locomotive speed is also controlled by the Mega using PWM (Pulse With Modulation)

Click this link to download a copy of my sketch..