Flight simulator

My home made flight-simulator:
– PC Intel I7-13700, 32gb Ram, DDR5
– Graphics board, MSI Geforce rtx 2070 Armor 8g
– 1tB M.2 SSD and 1x 1tB Samsung SSD, 4x Samsung 500gB harddrive.
– 3x 32″ bezel les screens.
– Turtlebeach VelocityOne flight yoke.
– Thrustmaster Pendular Rudder peddels.
– Homemade gear lever system.
– The simulator platforms I have, MSF2020 and Xplane12.
– Air manager version v4
– 17″ ELO touch screen

At the moment I only fly with Xplane version 12, MSF2020 has a startup problems and,  far to many up-dates.
Xplane12 is more realistic IMHO, more stable and better performance.
Since April 2024 I have purchased Air Manager version 4 and running it on a tiny DELL PC.